Swimming in France Sea temperature, sea weather and tide schedules by region

You want to swim somewhere in France. When is the best time to go to be sure you'll have ideal swimming water, and be able to swim in pleasant conditions? Now or later? The answer is here with the sea temperature today in France + the averages by month and by destination in France. Discover the tide schedule and the full sea weather forecast over the next 7 days for every location in France, too.

The map of sea temperatures in France in real time

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Best time to swim in France? Choose a region

To find out when you should swim in the destination of your choice in France and find the average sea temperature by month, click on the desired destination below :

Tide schedule in France: Choose a region

Find the tide schedule of the next 7 days for each destination in France, by city. To begin, click on the desired destination below:

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