Sea temperature in Guinea sea temperature in real time, 7-day forecast and historical data

Do you want to go to the beach to swim in Guinea today? Check if the sea temperature is pleasant with our data, updated daily, in real time, and our weather forecast for the next few days, by city in Guinea.

Sea temperature in Guinea today

On the map below, find the water temperature measured today for different cities in Guinea.

Water temperature in Guinea by city

Below, find the current sea temperature and weather conditions in several coastal cities in Guinea.

  • Météo actuelle

    Sea temperature in Conakry: 83°C

    Today's weather conditions: Outside temperature min/max: 27°C/27°C • Wind speed: 15km/h • Waves: 0.7ft (1.3ft maximum) every 15.4 seconds

    Today's sea temperature in Conakry

Water temperature in Guinea by month

Below, find the average temperature variation of the sea in Guinea for the cities of: Conakry.

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