Best time to swim in Harstad in Norway Sea temperature by month

Do you want to swim in the sea in Harstad in Norway? But when is the best time to go to be sure to have pleasant water for swimming in Harstad and be able to swim without catching cold? This month, or a different one? The answer is on this page, with the sea water temperature by month in Harstad, based on the average temperatures recorded in previous years.

Best time to swim in Harstad: the water temperature by month

Do you feel like swimming in Harstad in Norway? Discover the average sea temperature for each month of the year (based on previous years' records) and our opinion on swimming in the table below.

Month Sea temperature
January 41°F (min: 38°F/max: 44°F)
February 40°F (min: 38°F/max: 42°F)
March 40°F (min: 38°F/max: 41°F)
April 41°F (min: 38°F/max: 42°F)
May 44°F (min: 39°F/max: 49°F)
June 50°F (min: 46°F/max: 53°F)
July 54°F (min: 51°F/max: 57°F)
August 54°F (min: 51°F/max: 58°F)
September 52°F (min: 49°F/max: 55°F)
October 48°F (min: 46°F/max: 51°F)
November 46°F (min: 42°F/max: 50°F)
December 44°F (min: 39°F/max: 49°F)

Water temperature variation in Harstad throughout the year

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