Best time to swim in Severo-Kuril'sk in Russia Sea temperature by month

Do you want to swim in the sea in Severo-Kuril'sk in Russia? But when is the best time to go to be sure to have pleasant water for swimming in Severo-Kuril'sk and be able to swim without catching cold? This month, or a different one? The answer is on this page, with the sea water temperature by month in Severo-Kuril'sk, based on the average temperatures recorded in previous years.

Best time to swim in Severo-Kuril'sk: the water temperature by month

Do you feel like swimming in Severo-Kuril'sk in Russia? Discover the average sea temperature for each month of the year (based on previous years' records) and our opinion on swimming in the table below.

Month Sea temperature
January 35°F (min: 31°F/max: 37°F)
February 33°F (min: 32°F/max: 34°F)
March 33°F (min: 31°F/max: 35°F)
April 33°F (min: 31°F/max: 36°F)
May 36°F (min: 31°F/max: 42°F)
June 42°F (min: 38°F/max: 46°F)
July 48°F (min: 43°F/max: 54°F)
August 51°F (min: 46°F/max: 57°F)
September 49°F (min: 45°F/max: 54°F)
October 44°F (min: 41°F/max: 48°F)
November 41°F (min: 39°F/max: 44°F)
December 37°F (min: 34°F/max: 40°F)

Water temperature variation in Severo-Kuril'sk throughout the year

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