Sea temperature in Titusville in Florida real-time sea temperature, 7-day forecast and historical data

Do you want to swim in the sea in Titusville in Florida today? First, check if the sea temperature is appropriate for swimming with our data that is updated daily, and our water temperature forecast in Titusville for the next few days.

Temperature of the sea in Titusville today

Currently, the sea water temperature in Titusville is at most:


(or 6° lower than the seasonal norm)

Other useful information about today's weather:

  • Outside temperature: 59°F to 65°F
  • Partly Cloudy
  • The wind is blowing at 9.3mph
  • Wave height is 2.3ft on average, and 1ft at most, with a frequency of a wave every 13.3 seconds.
  • More details on the sea weather of Titusville page

This report was generated on 30/11/2021

History of water temperature in Titusville

We record the water temperature daily in Titusville In this way, we can provide you with the average sea temperature in Titusville over the last 12 months and a more detailed chart for recent months.

Monthly sea temperature averages over 12 months

november 2021
Average water temperature: 75°F (70°F to 79°F)

Variation of water temperature in Titusville over the past 2 months

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