Swim in Cartagena in march 2022What is the temperature of the sea in in march?

Average sea temperature in Cartagena in march 2022.

In march, according to seasonal norms, the sea temperature in Cartagena is:

Minimum: 80°F

Average: 82°F

Maximum: 85°F

Other useful seasonal weather averages in march:

  • Outside temperature: 81°F to 88°F
  • Most common weather: "Partly Cloudy"
  • The wind blows at 17.4mph
  • It rains a total of 0.5in, over 3 day(s).

Should we swim in Cartagena in march?

Yes! The water temperature in Cartagena in march is ideal

In march, swimming is ideal on the beaches around Cartagena! With water reaching 85°F at most and 82°F on average, spending time in the water is very pleasant.

Note also that in march, the climate is good with an average outside temperature of 85°F, 0.5in of precipitation (over 3 days) and 76.94 % humidity.

Water and normal seasonal temperatures in Cartagena in march

Average sea temperature 82°F
Minimum sea temperature 80°F
Maximum sea temperature 85°F
Average outside temperature 86°F
Maximum outside temperature 88°F
Minimum outside temperature 83°F
Wind speed 18mph
Wind temperature 83°F
Precipitation 0.5in
Number of days of rain 3 jour(s)
Humidity 77%
Visibility in kilometers 10.08km
Cloud cover 26%
Our opinion ideal swimming

Swim elsewhere in Columbia in march

City Average T° Min. T° Max. T° Our opinion
Sea temperature in Barranquilla in march:80°F79°F83°Fideal swimming
Sea temperature in Santa Marta in march:80°F77°F81°Fideal swimming
Sea temperature in Tumaco in march:81°F77°F85°Fideal swimming

Swim in Columbia in march: sea temperature by city

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