Where can you swim and go to the beach in january 2025? Where can you find a pleasant sea temperature in january?

Do you want to go to the beach in january? Where can you go to be sure to find water at the right temperature for enjoyable swimming? The answer is here with the sea temperature in january worldwide, and our recommendations on the best destinations to be sure you will enjoy the sea.

Top 15 countries for swimming in january 2025

Where in the world can you swim in the month of january?

If, in order to forget the cold of winter, you plan to go on holiday in the sun to enjoy the pleasant warmth of the sea water, it is better to choose your destination because there are many beautiful places to swim in January. Whether you decide to go to the Caribbean or Southeast Asia, you will be spoiled for choice.

In Europe, most seaside resorts are not suitable for swimming in the sea because the water temperature is cold or even freezing. Even the bathing sites, renowned for the quality and warmth of the sea water, can only offer you fresh water: this is the case of the beaches of Crete or Cyprus.

If your choice is North America, in this case the United States, only the beaches of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa will ensure a pleasant swim. On the other hand, most of the resorts in Central and South America offer comfortable warmth and ideal sea temperatures.

South East Asian countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, the Maldives or the beaches in southern India are perfect destinations for spending pleasant moments of relaxation. They stand out for the variety of places where bathing in January guarantees you a comfortable feeling.

The month of January is favorable for a pleasant bathing for most of the African coasts, except for the Maghreb countries where bathing in January is hardly comfortable: case of Morocco and Tunisia. On the other hand, in Cape Verde, swimming is pleasant. As for the islands of the Indian Ocean, it is simply perfect. Diving enthusiasts who go to the east coast of Africa will be able to enjoy the pleasantly warm sea.

The seaside tourism destinations in the Middle East will make you spend pleasant moments. The sun is shining, and the warmth is comfortable. Even scuba diving enthusiasts can enjoy the pleasant temperature of the sea water. Exceptions are the seaside resorts in Turkey, where swimming in January is reserved for those used to fresh water.

January is one of the best times to relax in the Caribbean islands. Not only is the weather almost perfect, thanks to the scarcity of rain, but the sea temperature is also perfect.

Sea temperature map in january

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