Where can you swim and go to the beach in may 2025? Where can you find a pleasant sea temperature in may?

Do you want to go to the beach in may? Where can you go to be sure to find water at the right temperature for enjoyable swimming? The answer is here with the sea temperature in may worldwide, and our recommendations on the best destinations to be sure you will enjoy the sea.

Top 15 countries for swimming in may 2025

Where in the world can you swim in the month of may?

You dream of going to destinations where bathing in May allows you to enjoy the pleasant temperature of the sea and spend unforgettable moments of relaxation. Many paradisaical places welcome you with the complicity of the climatic conditions because the weather is often superb considering the sun and the comfortable warmth.

If the countries bordering the North Sea are disadvantaged by the icy sea temperature to allow a pleasant bathing, the countries opening on the Mediterranean Sea, benefit from acceptable climatic conditions. The sea temperature in southern Europe is cool, however, swimming is pleasant because the weather in May already allows you to visit the beaches. Spain, Portugal, southern France and Croatia have places where swimming in May is already pleasant.

For fans of North America, the coasts of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico are comfortable holiday destinations by the sea. But the Yucatán Peninsula and Costa Rica remain Central America's top destinations among the countries where swimming in May is pleasant. Especially since the sea temperature is simply ideal for a dream bath.

From Central Asia to South-East Asia via southern countries such as the Maldives, southern India or Sri Lanka, the month of May is ideal for holidays at sea, especially as the sea temperature is an asset for places where bathing in May is simply comfortable. Japan and Taiwan add to the list of countries recommended for a pleasant swim.

By choosing a destination in Africa, you will have a wide range of beaches and idyllic places where swimming in May allows you to enjoy the sun, warmth and pleasantly warm sea temperature. From Senegal to Gabon, passing through East African countries such as Mozambique or paradise islands such as Reunion and Madagascar, the beauty of the sites will amaze you.

In May, the beaches located in the south of Turkey reveal their charm to the first summer visitors who come to enjoy the sun and the sea. Destinations such as Egypt and Dubai are crowded with holidaymakers as they have ideal places to swim in May.

Following the example of the Dominican Republic, all the Caribbean islands offer holidaymakers the chance to discover paradisaical beaches where they can swim in May.

Sea temperature map in may

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