Where can you swim and go to the beach in september 2024? Where can you find a pleasant sea temperature in september?

Do you want to go to the beach in september? Where can you go to be sure to find water at the right temperature for enjoyable swimming? The answer is here with the sea temperature in september worldwide, and our recommendations on the best destinations to be sure you will enjoy the sea.

Top 15 countries for swimming in september 2024

Where in the world can you swim in the month of september?

The month of September is popular with beach holiday enthusiasts as the weather is usually beautiful with sunshine and pleasant warmth. Some places in the world where to swim in September, however, are more favored than others thanks to the temperature of the sea, which gives bathers a feeling of well-being and the possibility of enjoying the magnificence of the surroundings such as blue lagoons and wide strips of fine sand.

If you decide to stay in Europe and want to spend time on a beautiful beach with clear and pleasantly warm water, the Spanish, Portuguese and French coasts, as well as all those that border the Mediterranean Sea, are the best choice. The beaches that open onto the Adriatic Sea will allow you to spend pleasant moments of relaxation.

North American enthusiast, expect a cool swim, especially if you are staying in Canada. But on the Gulf of Mexico side, you will have the opportunity to revel in a pleasant sea temperature. With the exception of the countries south of Brazil, Latin America remains the favorite destination for sportsmen and women to swim in September, and not only can they indulge in the pleasures of warm water swimming but also practice other water sports such as surfing.

If you have a soft spot for beach tourism in Asia, you will have a wide choice of destinations, some of which are among the best, such as the Maldives, Vietnam, Malaysia or the pearl of the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka and Japan further east. However, it is necessary to remain vigilant because September is at the heart of the monsoon season in Asia.

In September, Cape Verde, Tunisia and the Seychelles are among the dream destinations that will give you a feeling of comfort. Apart from the Namibian coasts, which stand out for their almost icy sea temperature, all the bathing sites in Africa welcome you with open arms.

At this time of the year, Turkey's seaside resorts reveal all their splendor with magnificent places to swim in September is idyllic. Most of the bathing sites in the Middle East offer you the opportunity to enjoy a dream bath. And for scuba diving enthusiasts, the Sultanate of Oman and Dubai remain top destinations.

Turquoise sea and blue lagoon with a comfortably warm sea, idyllic settings with sandy beaches or picturesque places to swim in September: these are all perfect Caribbean beach holiday destinations.

Sea temperature map in september

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