Where can you swim and go to the beach in july 2024? Where can you find a pleasant sea temperature in july?

Do you want to go to the beach in july? Where can you go to be sure to find water at the right temperature for enjoyable swimming? The answer is here with the sea temperature in july worldwide, and our recommendations on the best destinations to be sure you will enjoy the sea.

Top 15 countries for swimming in july 2024

Where in the world can you swim in the month of july?

Now that the summer season in Europe is in full swing, the number of bathing sites that offer holidaymakers the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of a holiday by the sea has never been greater. And even though in the southern hemisphere the weather is in the southern winter, you can enjoy the weather conditions that allow for pleasant warmth and receding rainfall if you opt for these destinations.

With the exception of the countries bordering the Baltic and North Seas, most countries in southern Europe will introduce you to the joys of sea bathing in magnificent places where bathing in July rhymes with pleasantly warm water temperatures. The month of July is a good time to discover water activities such as diving, snorkeling or scuba diving, as the marine flora and fauna explode with color and life.

The month of July is an opportune time to swim in the sea in Canada and on the northern part of the coasts of the United States of America, all the conditions are there to make you spend a pleasant holiday at sea. If you are heading south, the countries of Latin America remain attractive despite the increasing heat and rainfall.

Even though the sea temperature is particularly warm in July, the monsoon is in full swing. However, Malaysia and Cambodia offer beautiful places to swim in July to take advantage of the pleasant sea temperature.

Most of the Maghreb countries are a must-see holiday destination by the sea thanks to the water temperature, perfect for swimming. The same applies to the countries of East and West Africa. Even if the water temperature is starting to cool down in South Africa, swimming is still pleasant, unlike in Namibia.

Most countries in the Middle East welcome people who love beaches and seaside holidays with the best weather conditions. In addition to the beautiful sunny days, the bathing areas in July benefit from a pleasant warmth to warm up the swimmers when they come out of the water.

Most of the best seaside holiday destinations are in the Caribbean, not only is the weather superb with perfect sunshine, but the water temperature is also comfortable for a dream swim.

Sea temperature map in july

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